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The Archeparchy has a well organized system of catechesis for children and youth up to the age of eighteen. 98% of the children and youth in the Archeparchy attend Catechism classes regularly. This regular formation program is of twelve years duration. Young people above the age of 18 are catechized by means of seminars, short term courses, conventions, and retreats. Adult catechesis is provided at the basic Christian Community Gatherings. Further formation is given through retreats, seminars, and conventions conducted in parishes, Forane Centers and the Archeparchial Catechetical and Pastoral Centre. The co-ordination of all these programs is the responsibility of the Archeparchial Catechetical Centre.

Catechetical formation is given to children mainly through Sunday Schools and therefore the whole program is usually known as Sunday School Catechesis. In all the parishes and filial churches we have Sunday school catechesis under the supervision of the parish priests. On every Sunday we have special Holy Masses for children from 5 to 17 years old. After the Mass they attend Catechism classes for two hours. There are 12 classes from standard I to XII. We are following the text books of the Syro-Malabar Catechetical Committee. At the end of every academic year we conduct an annual examination and thus the promotion to the next standard is duly determined. Those who complete successfully the XII standard are awarded with a Diploma in Catechism ...

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